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Gordz Hot Sauce

Gordz Hot Sauce is a brilliant blend of fresh flavour and fire! It is All Natural and Low-Sodium with no added sugar! The healthy hot sauce! It is chemical pesticide and herbicide free. The perfect addition to all your favourite recipes!
Gordz Hot Sauce All Natural Seed to Bottle 125 mlGordz Hot Sauce ~ All Natural ~ Seed to Bottle
Sales price: $8.99
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Gordz Hot Sauce ~ Sauce Piquante

Gordz Hot Sauce is comprised of 7 varieties of hot peppers that blend flavour and fire with ingredients fresh from Gordz Pepper Ranch! Gordz Hot Sauce is ALL NATURAL. Grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and contains no additives or preservatives. Gordz Hot Sauce has less than 1% RDA/tbsp of sodium with no added sugar, so it’s healthy too!  Gordz Hot Sauce can be used as the heat and unique flavour in your salsa, spaghetti, chili or as an appetizer - take a cracker, stack old cheddar cheese and a smoked oyster with a little Gordz Hot Sauce on top! Let your palate dance to the amazing layers of flavours!



HEAT  7.5



Monday, 28 April 2014
This is the best hot sauce I ever had! For those who never have tried it: Go Go Go and order!!! It is the first step in being addicted!
Eric Motard