Do you like to BBQ?  

Looking for easy BBQ sauce recipes? 

Gordz has you covered in a very Canadian way!  

Gordz Smokin' Chipotles are all Canadian, just as maple syrup and tomato sauce are.  

in 3 simple ingredients! 

Gordz Smokin' Chipotles lends itself well for a BBQ sauce, as the heat and flavor profile are built in.  

All you need to do, is add the sweet Canadian maple syrup and the tomatoe sauce to balance out your flavours. 

How easy is that?

What you need:

  • - 3 tsp         Gordz Smokin' Chipotles
  • - 3/4 cup      pure Canadian maple syrup
  • - 213 ml       tomatoe sauce

Gordz Smokin' Chipotles 

are deep, dark and smoky! 

Fresh Jalapenos, dried, then smoked with apple and cherry wood, rehydrated in Gordz Adobo Sauce before being pureed for ease of use. 

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