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Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles

Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles are deep, dark and smoky! 125 ml
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Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles Fumés


Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles are deep, dark and smoky! Fresh Jalapenos, dried then smoked with apple and cherry wood, then rehydrated in Gordz Adobo Sauce before being pureed for ease of use.


They make a great addition to any of your Mexican dishes, chipotle mayo, as well as a base for an amazing BBQ sauce!



 Heat   7    




Tuesday, 10 May 2016
Absolutely IN LOVE with this delicious sauce! I followed Gord's recipe for the Maple Chipotle Salmon - only thing I can say is WOW. My husband and I eat this meal a least once every 2 weeks. Not to mention, it's as great in the oven as it is on the grill and we just can't get enough! It's a must in my household and whenever I run out of my precious chipotle sauce I quickly have to restock! I plan on trying this sauce in my fish tacos soon! YUM!
Sarah Saveriano